Hello Fellow Warriors!


Today I want to talk diet


It is a known fact that certain foods can cause inflammation.  Since PMR is an inflammatory condition, it makes sense to try and eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet. 


This link will explain the anti-inflammatory diet further.


I have found a few easy exchanges that help to keep my meals basically low in these offending foods, which are primarily milk, grains, sugar and certain veggies.


Here are 12 tips for swapping out inflammatory foods in your diet.
  1. Milk > almond or coconut milk
  2. Rice > riced cauliflower- frozen or fresh
  3. Mashed potatoes > mashed cauliflower- fresh or frozen
  4. Spaghetti > zucchini noodles- fresh or frozen
  5. Flour > Coconut or Almond flour
  6. Sugar > Monkfruit sweetener or a little honey if you can tolerate it (I do a mixture of both for sweetening)
  7. Wraps > Egg wraps or Cauliflower rounds (I found at Costco and Wegmans/Whole Foods)
  8. Candy > Fresh fruit (in moderation)
  9. Granola bars > Paleo bars (found at Costco and most likely at other whole food stores) or can make your own. I will provide a recipe later.
  10. Bread > cheese and meat wrap or if not using milk products, use lettuce wrap Personally, I put everything that would have been in a sandwich into a salad instead. Effortless switch.
  11. Soy Sauce (contains wheat and soy) > Coconut Aminos (soy-free alternative) Can be ordered online or found in the natural food section of many grocery stores
  12. Wine (Yes wine!!) > Sulfite-free, no sugar added, very dry wine such as Chardonnay and Cabernet. I have to order this online as it is not found in my state of Pennsylvania. I order from Frey Vineyards in California.





One glass of wine does not seem to bother me. You may have to experiment to see how it affects you. Finding the lowest sugar content that you can in an alcohol product is the key here.


I try to follow a Paleo Diet. Eating Paleo is basically all-natural foods in their basic form such as what the cavemen used to eat. I have found many easy recipes on the web. The most bothersome ingredients that I have found for me to be are sugar, any grains, and artificial flavors/sweeteners. Small amounts of milk seem to be OK for me as well as nuts (but not peanuts). The Paleo diet primarily meets my needs.
I use the above ingredients for my weekly shopping list along with a few basic types of meat and loads of other veggies. I use frozen zucchini noodles and riced cauliflower for an easy dinner base for many recipes. I also try to bake once a week to make muffins or fruit bites for a little something sweet, which I enjoy with my morning coffee. The treat lasts for many days, and I usually freeze some for a quick, easy sweet snack on the run.
I hope that you are settling into whatever diet works best for you!   Whether it is Keto, AIP, Mediterranean or Paleo, I think ANY small dietary changes will help to make you feel better.  Wishing you the best!