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Hi Polymyalgia Rheumatica Warriors!


I hope that you are feeling good today.  After a week of progressively worsening stiffness and new back pain, I woke up today feeling normal!! 

PMR is a crazy disease, isn't it?!  I'm just grateful for TODAY!!


Today, we have a PMR story from Carolyn. 


Thank you Carolyn for sharing your personal PMR experience with us.  We appreciate it and wish you the best in your journey with this frustrating condition.




Carolyn’s Story


Six months ago, I received my 2nd Covid-19 immunization and experienced some muscle stiffness and soreness, which was expected.

After 6 weeks, one morning, my muscle stiffness and soreness were at the point of becoming debilitating. My thoughts were that this was not right, so I made an appointment with my doctor.



After checking me, she sent me to a Rheumatologist. At this appointment, I was diagnosed with PMR. My Rheumatologist told me that the Covid-19 immunization did not cause the PMR but probably triggered the onset.



I am on Prednisone at present, which is helping and makes PMR tolerable. I have been a very healthy, active individual, so it is quite an adjustment for me.


I am very thankful for being healthy up to this point and am optimistic about my PMR diagnosis.





Carolyn's PMR story is still in progress which is the same for many of us.  Luckily, Carolyn had a good doctor who recognized her condition quickly and started treatment. 


Have any of you had doctors who were reluctant to treat you or have difficulty diagnosing you?


We would love to hear YOUR journey with PMR. 


Take care all.  Have an awesome day!