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Hi Fellow Warriors!


Today I have a story from a woman named Carol.  Carol is one of the lucky ones who has conquered PMR.  She wrote her success story to give hope to others suffering from PMR to let them know that an end is in sight.  I hope that you enjoy Carol's story.


Carol’s Story of Inspiration



I wanted to share my journey. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with PMR. The pain was debilitating. I have always taken care of myself...busy playing and coaching volleyball all my life. I have been awarded well for my efforts.


Then PMR struck when I was 54. I was started on 50 mg of Prednisone and tapered and tapered for 2 years until finally, I tapered off.


My biggest complaint with PMR was the fatigue and feeling unwell. The steroids took care of the pain. When I stopped taking steroids, it took at least another 8 months to feel better. My adrenal glands worked hard to catch up after two years of steroids. While I had PMR, I was able to play a little bit of ball, but I had to stop coaching. I tried to be active, but my mood got the best of me.


So today, almost 3 years from diagnosis, I feel great again. I am in remission and hope to stay here. I never thought would feel good again.

These last few months, I have started working out again, pushing myself after almost 3 years of being a couch potato. I set up a great gym in my basement. Every day, I feel even better. I know the PMR is still in there, but I am going to make it work.


I want to inspire you..because PMR can and will get better. Do not let PMR rule your life. Once you take your life back, you will be on the best road.


Thank you Carol for showing us that we will recover from this tiresome condition  We wish you the BEST!


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Hoping for a pain-free day for you today :)