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Was COVID the Cause of Her PMR?

Hello. I was diagnosed last week after 14 months of a nightmare.

I contracted covid March 6th 2020 working in Healthcare and quickly became a long hauler.

In September 2020, I finally saw a rheumatologist after getting shingles, joint swelling and pain, viral conjunctivitis, and intense fatigue. Long story short, after months of blood work with high sed rates, c reactive proteins, a positive ANA, and positive RA,  I received the diagnosis of PMR and started on prednisone.

I was getting unable to reach my seatbelt or put on a bra.

I am on 5mg of prednisone ( my decision for dose) and the change and relief is amazing. I believe in hindsight my mom (Lithuanian) also had this as did her brother.

I am just starting this journey. I believe I was genetically predisposed and the impact from covid and my long haul symptoms affected my adrenal glands.

Thank you for listening.


(Thank you Kim for sharing your story!) 

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Hoping for a pain-free day for you today :)