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Hi Friends,


Today I am sharing a story from one of our readers, Kris, who is trying to make a go at PMR without taking steroids. 


Although it is challenging, Kris is giving it her all.  Here is her story that gives us a glimpse into what remedies are working for her so far.


Kris’s Polymyalgia Rheumatica Story




I am a 62-year-old retired nurse, and I was very active until June of 2021.  I worked out regularly and spent time gardening and hiking with my golden retriever 3-5 miles 3+ days a week. I enjoyed playing with my granddaughters and having the ability to help care for my 98-year-old mom and husband.



My PMR symptoms started after the second dose of the covid vaccine.  Due to pain in my upper thigh into my pelvic girdle area, I thought it might be proximal hamstring tendinopathy due to increased exercise.  I struggled with that problem area for a couple of weeks. 


Suddenly the discomfort and stiffness progressed quickly to involve my whole pelvic girdle.


I had to stop hiking as walking became too uncomfortable.  In addition, sitting for more than 15 minutes made me so stiff that I could barely walk upon arising.  Still thinking it was an overuse injury, I tried physical therapy which only exacerbated the pain and stiffness.



Then the discomfort and stiffness started in both shoulders.  I assumed it was because of the extra strain I was putting on them and continued doing light PT despite making no progress.


Thinking there had to be an explanation for my symptoms, I entered “shoulder and hip pain” into the google search bar. 


Low and behold, “PMR” popped up!


Wow, my symptoms fit perfectly!  Looking back, I am convinced that the covid vaccine triggered it.



At this point, I am managing the discomfort/pain with over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) medication.  I’m also taking anti-inflammatory supplements and changing my diet.  So, I think I’ll put off taking prednisone until I can’t.


I go to a great chiropractor, and I’ve started taking Tai Chi.  I find a hot shower, and using a massager helps when I get particularly achy.


I just bought the body pillow I saw on your site, and it has helped to improve my sleep considerably.





I want to try the teasel root supplement that I saw on this site as well (Under our stories).


So that’s my story!  Thank you for your blog.  It helps!



Well, your welcome, Kris.  And thank you for sharing your story!  I am anxious to hear how you make out taking the natural route.  I wish you the best, and please let us know if you are successful in your recovery without steroids!