Thanksgiving meal

Hi Poly Buddies,


I'm not sure if I like that name for us.  It kind of reminds me of some sort of a kids tv character like the Teletubbies.  Do you remember them?    They were weird little creatures but sweet.



Anyways, friends, how are you today?  Hopefully rested up and raring to go (haha).  Are you ready for our busy holiday season that is just around the corner!  I'm kind of excited about it.


My last 2 weeks with PMR were on the rougher side.  But as unpredictable as PMR can be, these past  2 days have been my best in a loooong time!  So I am starting this Thanksgiving season GRATEFUL for my many blessings!



This is my 2nd Thanksgiving with PMR. 


So today, I want to talk about "How to Get Through Thanksgiving with Polymyalgia Rheumatica".


I must admit that last year at this time, I was still reeling a bit and just coming to grips with all of the issues associated with PMR (and Prednisone) and diet, etc.  I was worried about what I could and should not eat for Thanksgiving and stressing about my stamina (or lack thereof) for the long family day of celebration. 


At that time, I was still overwhelmingly fatigued and sleeping very poorly.



This year, I am in a much better place for the upcoming holiday season, Thanksgiving included.  I have more energy to do a bit of cooking, although I am fortunate not to have to host the family dinner.  I have a wonderful family where everyone chips in with the food and we rotate the responsibility for family meals and events.


Recently, I have had folks asking what we can eat for Thanksgiving.  I must say that this meal is pretty easy to find delectable offerings.  More so than many other meals or even when eating out.  You just have to keep your foods pure and simple. 


For most of us, no matter what kind of PMR diet we follow (Keto, Paleo, AIP, etc.), we can eat turkey and potatoes of some sort, either sweet or yellow.  Then there is ham and all kinds of veggies- all of which we can eat if they are not disguised in a casserole. 


Those of us who are wheat-free should skip the gravy and rolls.  If you really crave bread or rolls, you can buy keto bread mix and make your own quite easily.  I find them to be kind of dry and lackluster but others may enjoy this treat.





Please do yourself a favor and make a quick sugar-free dessert and have it on hand so that you do not feel deprived on this special day.  I especially love the Paleo apple crisp and the crustless pumpkin pie.  I substitute pure maple syrup or organic honey for sugar in all of my dessert recipes.  See the recipes in this blog for more ideas. 


You can also google "Thanksgiving Paleo or Keto desserts" to find something sweet that will not throw you off your diet.


Lastly, try to build in some rest time on Thanksgiving day.  The men seem to have NO TROUBLE in our family with this tip!  After the big meal, the ladies socialize while the men would rather snooze. 



I plan to try to rest a bit before the guests arrive and all of the festivities begin.


I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I am blessed with a wonderful family on both sides and I am getting the hang of PMR.  I still would love to go into remission and pray that I do soon but in the meantime, my life is good and I am thankful for that! 


I hope that all of you have a stress-free and enjoyable day that is relatively pain-free.  No matter what you do this holiday, may it be one that you love!


Take care, friends.





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