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Hi All,


I'm up at 3 AM so I decided to write.  Any fellow insomniacs out there?  I'm sure there is with THIS group!!  Haha.


Actually, I sleep pretty well now that I am on a low dose of 4.5 mg. 


However, I hit a rough patch due to a few rainy days, the weather turning colder and a slight flare from the flu shot.  So, I temporarily upped my Pred by 2 mg and WOW!  Energizer bunny, anyone?


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My husband just smirked at me as I danced around feeling good and vacuuming, going up and down steps, doing laundry and watering plants.  He has not seen that much activity from me all at once in a long time.  


When you feel good and almost normal, it is so great!  House chores (without pain) become a celebration!





I am writing to inform you all that I am trying something new to see if it helps my PMR as I try to get to the (slow) finish line to remission (hopefully).

As I was laying in bed trying to sleep today, I wrote this little ditty about my newest venture to try and feel better.  I must warn you that although I am a WRITER, I AM NOT A POET.  So bear with my attempt at rhyming.




Oh, the things that we do (with PMR)


For us who suffer,

We try to buffer.

To decrease the stiffness,

By foods of goodness.

Devouring supplements galore,

We line our cupboards, oh what a chore!

We try this; we try that,

We research, we chat.

We stretch, then rest,

But still, some days can barely get dressed.

2 steps forward,

Then fall 3 back.

Why, oh why can’t we prevent an attack?

Try potions, lotions, pins and therapy,

What actually helps is usually a rarity.

Oh, the things that we do,

Between me and you,

Do you think that we ever get ahead?

Some days I think that we should just head back to bed!



I couldn't help myself.  Sometimes, I wonder if anything really helps with this condition!  BUT, I keep on trying like most of us do, right???


Soooo, back to my next "quick fix" for PMR plan.


I am going to try CELERY JUICING!


My adult nephew, who suffers from a variety of ailments, swears by celery juicing.  He has been juicing now for about 2 weeks and looks and feels considerably better, so I figured, why not?  It can't hurt.  



I had juiced before when I had breast cancer.  I am aware that juicing is a great way to get all kinds of vitamins.  Our juicer has made the rounds over the years for family members who were suffering from different health maladies. So I am onboard with the benefits of juicing.


So, since the juicer at present was just collecting dust, I decided to resurrect it.


My nephew gave me a book about the celery juice method and it states explicitly that celery has high anti-inflammatory properties.  The author says that celery juice is excellent for auto-immune conditions and inflammatory diseases.  Further research on my part confirmed the same.



So yesterday, I started out with 8 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach.  First thing this morning, I did the same.  I am supposed to work up to 16 ounces per day.  So far, I have no unsavory side effects. 


Today, I go back to my regular dose of Prednisone, so I will see how I feel when everything settles in a few days. 


I will let you know how I am doing.  Hopefully my skin does not turn green :)



I hope that you have a good week everyone!  Take one day at a time and savor your blessings.