woman in rain

 Hi Poly Friends!


How are you feeling this week?  Are you coping OK?  I hope that you are in a good place at the moment (I know that can change quickly!).


Here in central Pennsylvania, we are in a wet period lasting too long.  I know that we needed rain but my body is not a fan of the colder and damp conditions especially after experiencing such a glorious and warm Fall season.


Since it is almost November, I should not complain as our autumn lasted longer than expected.



So today, I want to talk about "Rain and How It Affects Polymyalgia Rheumatica".


As you may have already figured out, rain is not our friend on this PMR journey!



I have been in the "PMR club" now for 16 months and only in the last few months did I connect the dots between rainy days and PMR flares.


                                                      (picture from allkidsnetwork)


In the past, when I awoke on a rainy day with increased stiffness and discomfort, I would go through an "analysis" of everything that I had eaten and ways that I may have possibly "overdone" it the day before.  Do you ever do that?  I bet that many of us do.



I would spend a lot of effort recalling all of the foods that went into my mouth the day before to see if it was the cause of my increased stiffness and pain.  I am a very clean eater and stick to my Paleo anti-inflammatory diet 98% of the time.  I would never eat a piece of cake or a scoop of ice cream.  But I wondered if a small "infraction", such as a hidden ingredient from the "no list" could tip the PMR scale towards a flare.


I would then deconstruct what activity I did the day before in order to understand if some action was the cause.  Did I exercise too vigorously (for me that only involves walking...), lift something too heavy or assist my husband with yard work?  My activity level is only a fraction of what it was before PMR but still, some exercise or movements can cause increased pain and stiffness for me.



Do any of you go through a similar routine??  


What I have found is this:


For me, rainy days aggravate my Polymyalgia Rheumatica no matter what.  It does not matter if I ate perfectly and had an easy day prior to a rain-related flare.


It is the rainy, damp weather that flares my PMR every time!  Period.  Nothing else needs to be the catalyst.  



I guess there is a good reason why so many seniors like warmer climates.  I'm thinking a move to Arizona would be helpful about now :)


So what can we do to help us on rainy days?


For me, just knowing that damp, cold weather will bring on increased PMR symptoms is a bit of a relief.  I don't need to beat myself up about it.  I am aware that I may feel a little worse so I take a Tylenol and maybe cancel a walk with a friend.  I may relax a bit more that day and give myself some grace.



If you still feel awful, I have a few tips to help ease some of your stiffness and discomfort in my blog archives.  Just click on this link for more helpful information.


Hopefully, you were a bit faster about coming to the rain-flare connection realization than me.  But if not, I hope that this article helped you out a bit in your PMR journey.


Enjoy this Halloween weekend and the start of November.  Take a look at the recipes on this site if you want to make a pumpkin pie that should not cause a flare.