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 Good Day Everyone!


How are you doing today?  Each day as I roll out of bed, I am never sure where I am going to hurt, be in a flare or have a good day.  How about you?


I am pleased to be able to give you 2 excellent resource books today to help you in your PMR journey.  I have read them both and found them to be "spot on" about PMR and packed with a ton of helpful, essential information to navigate this complex condition.



I would recommend this book, "Polymyalgia Rheumatic and Giant Cell Arteritis: a survival guide" as your first read.  It covers what you need to know about PMR from A-Z as soon as you are diagnosed.  It can be found on Amazon and Thrift Books (cheaper).




The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook is not PMR specific but is very informative for our condition, and I recommend it. You can find it on Amazon, but it is cheaper at and on used book sites such as Thrift Books.


Happy Reading! 


Here's to a pain-free week! 


Next week I will give you more "Tips on How to Live Better with PMR"  so check back or sign up for my e-mail blog that comes to your mailbox weekly at click here >> PMR BLOG.



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