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Do You have thin hair from PMR, Prednisone and other medications?

Back when I was a teen with gorgeous long brown hair, my sister and I had a joke between us.  There was a shampoo commercial for Breck Shampoo showing "Breck girls" with beautiful hair.  Our last name was Albrecht.  Having our own full and healthy mane of hair, we would say that we were ALL Breck (Albrecht) girls. 


Get it?  Maybe not so clever now but we enjoyed it as a fun way to brag about our tresses back in the day :)


Fast forward to PMR and Prednisone side effects 40 years later.  I have thin, ugly, straight in places, and frizzy in other places hair.  You can see my scalp more in my part and back of my head. 



I noticed that when I got below 10 mg that my hair was starting to thin and eventually it was so bad that it was clogging up my shower drain.  I am a cancer survivor who had lost my hair 2 times so I am not overly excitable about hair loss but still it is a bit embarrassing and a pain.


I am now 1 year into PMR and am finally figuring out what helps the problem and what is a big waste of money.




I have spent endless funds on different products that I have tried and they turned out to be a bust.  I have such a pile of discards in my bathroom that I am running out of space!  The ones from my hairdresser were pretty pricey ($48 for a tiny bottle) and some were below $10. 


Surprisingly, the $8 product from the grocery store that my mom recommended seemed to work the best but I am not recommending it as it was made from alcohol and really ended up drying out my already dry hair.


I do have some recommendations that did work for me so I am happy to pass them on to you!


Wash Your Hair Less

(as little as you can get by with)


Get Hair Highlights

(I worried that it would hurt my hair but it was fine.  My hair really did look more full at the crown area afterward)



Take Biotin Tablets

 (Talk to your doctor first.  I don't know if any certain product makes any difference as long as it is a reputable brand.)



Find a Plumping Shampoo

(I tried some real clinkers but this brand that I ordered online seems to work well!)


Invest in a Good Bodifying (Different than Volumizing) Hairspray

(I was surprised to find this one at my local grocery store as it is an off-brand. You can order it online also.)


Try Collagen to Fortify Your Hair/Nails and Skin

(I use a scoop of collagen powder in my de-caf coffee every morning.  It dissolves well and no taste.)

I buy this at Costco or Wegmans Grocery stores.


Cover White Scalp in Thin Areas with Matching Root Touch-Up Spray (I LOVE this trick!)

(Just a little spray on white scalp is needed.  I think any brand of this would be fine.  I have tried Clairol brand too and liked it.)


Another trick that I learned was to cut my hair shorter.  As I had more hair loss, my hair kept getting shorter and shorter. I now have an adorable shortcut that hides all of my thin hair issues.  It is so much easier to style and I get loads of compliments on it.




I hope that these tips are helpful for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss and thinning.


I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to share your story of PMR or any tips by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on our PMR Facebook page.


Hoping for a great day for you all!