This BLOG is dedicated to all of the wonderful nurses and medical professionals out there!  

You all deserve accolades for putting yourself out there for others every day.  For weekly inspiration, sign up for the NNCT weekly email BLOG.  Donna     

National Nurses Week Video - Thanks

Your courage and compassion this past year have been tested and nurses have shown their true colors.  Nurses have been stretched and extended more than ever during the pandemic.  Nurses have risen to the top and have been a true beacon in a crisis greater than most of us have ever seen before.  Thank you to all nurses and medical professionals for truly being selfless and caring beyond what is humanly expected. 

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Nurses Week-did you know?

Good Morning Nurse Friends!

How is nurses week going for you?  Hopefully, you are receiving little notes of thanks, treats, and free lunch!  You all deserve it!

Did you know that nurses:

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Nurses Week Tip - Celebrate You!

Good Morning My Nurse Friends,

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Nurses Week!

I figured what better time to launch Nurses Need Care Too than nurses week!

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Why do I want to Inspire and Encourage Nurses?

I want to give you a little insight into who I am and how I started this BLOG Nurses Need Care Too!

I live in picturesque Central Pa with my husband and cat, who is not at all friendly.  I’m talking about the cat, not my husband 😊.  My grandkids call him the “Mean cat” as we used to have a “Nice cat” who recently died.  Also, I am fortunate to have LOADS of grandchildren and family around who all get along, and we love hanging out together.

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