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Good Day Nurse Friends!


How are you doing?  Are you holding up OK? 


I know that staffing is pretty inadequate right now around the country and you most likely are exhausted.


With the Covid Pandemic as the catalyst to cause nurses to retire early or leave for non-clinical jobs, times are tough for those "left behind".  Now with the Covid vaccine mandates upon us, things are only getting worse. 


In spite of everything, I hope that you are able to find time to rest and recharge.  You are so crucial to your patients.  You need to be able to have the energy to carry on.


Today, I came across an organization that cares just for nurses! 


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It is so refreshing to see someone caring for the caregiver.  


There is an organization called Nurses House that was specially created to assist nurses in financial need.


Have you ever heard of it?  I had not.


Nurses House, Inc


Nurses House began in 1924 as a beautiful mansion along the sea in Long Island, NY.  Emily Bourne, a nurse appreciator, left $300,000 in her will to be used to provide a house for nurses who were ill or exhausted to find respite.


The mansion could hold 60 nurse "guests" and was almost always filled to capacity.  Nurses could enjoy the beach, eat delicious homecooked meals and get the rest they so richly deserved and needed. 


                               (pic from Nurses House website)


Isn't that a fantastic idea?  So many of us could use a place like Nurses House nowadays to just get away and recharge ourselves.  And free accommodations are even better!


Unfortunately, Nurses House is no longer hosting nurse guests.  In 1959, the house was sold.  It was determined that the proceeds would continue to be utilized for nurses in need. 


Nowadays, Nurses House is a fund specifically designed for nurses who are in financial need.


Nurses who are disabled, facing eviction or have short-term job loss can apply for assistance.



Despite our personal opinion about the Covid vaccine, there are nurses who are being forced out of nursing due to Covid vaccine mandates.  I am not sure if they are eligible for unemployment.  We may soon know of many nurses who are in financial crisis.


"Nurses House has helped thousands of nurses in all 50 states to regain health and productivity. Over the past three years, we’ve helped nearly 300 nurses, with grants totaling over $350,000".


If you know a nurse that needs help, help is just an application away.  Here is the Nurses House link for assistance.


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Nurses continue to keep this fund going by contributing money for future "guests."  If you want to donate to this worthwhile cause, here is the link for Nurses House donations.


I hope that YOU find your own "Nurses House" respite, whether it is a vacation, a mental health day off or even time to take a nap.  You too, need to take time to recharge.




Bless all of you for what you do.




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