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Ted Tx Woman

Hello Fellow Nurses!


With the pandemic cranking back up, I was wondering how everyone was holding up?  Are you OK?


This morning I was writing an article about nurse entrepreneurs and came across some empowering words from nurses who have made outstanding contributions to our profession and healthcare.


I was so energized by their words that I wanted to immediately share their stories with all of you.  So I dropped what I was working on for a nursing publication and hopped over to this blog to get at it.


Here is what I found.  I hope that you too will be motivated by these nurses. 


Tap on the pink words below and take a look at what some nurses are doing to change our profession and make it known that nurses are fundamentally necessary to be a part of healthcare change!   

Take a Look.




J & J article Meet Nurse Entrepreneur


This next nurse blew me away with her Ted Talk.  Listen to Rebecca Love for nursing inspiration!



Rebecca Love Nursing Innovation


I hope that you enjoyed these inspiring nurses as I did.


Many thanks to all nurses for what you do to encourage and improve your patients lives.  A special thanks to all of the nurses on the frontline during the pandemic.  Take care of yourselves.