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Thank Goodness for Our Nurse Friends!


There just is something great about having friends who are also nurses, don't you think?


These are the folks that GET YOU!  Who else can you complain to about all aspects of nursing and keep their attention while you vent about patients, policy (or lack thereof), and sometimes your co-workers?


My poor husband hears a lot of it, but I don't think he really "hears it" and barely conceals that he can't wait for me to be done with my current rant.  Most others just plain do not "get it" although they may nod and give me a few "umms and ohs."



But I am extremely fortunate to have some really terrific nurse friends.  They realize and empathize with what I am talking about.  They understand all of the challenges that we go through with administration and the day-to-day grind. My nurse friends really listen (and don't try to sneak away) and even add their own stories when talking about patients and medical situations.



They know about my family, pets, dreams, and heartaches. They are true friends.  Best of all, we laugh together and a lot!




After all, it is hard not to make friends and share lives with those that you spend so much time with day after day.  What else is there to do at 3 AM while working nights trying to stay awake but to spill your guts and have a few laughs. 

Unless you are working with a nurse who does not talk and then it..... is.... a ....long.... and uncomfortable night, right?  (did that ever happen to you?  I can tell you; it is AWKWARD!) 



I still am great friends with 2 of the nurses that I graduated with from my BSN program.  We get together a few times a year, and our children have grown up together.  Our husbands are friends, and we have been through all of our life's trials and tribulations together.  We are true friends in every sense of the word!  I am very blessed to have these 2 wonderful nurses as a constant in my life over the years!




As you can tell, I love nursing and the nurses in my profession.  I am so proud of you all and to be a part of this esteemed sisterhood. 


In fact, I may actually have taken the sisterhood thing a little overboard as my best nurse friend and roommate in nursing school is now my sister-in-law, Jen!  Jen is still my trusted buddy, nurse advisor, confidant, and forever cheerleader after marrying brothers. 



To all of the nurse friends out there, thank God for you because we need you for support and levity in our work and everyday lives.  We love you!


Have a great day all.