This BLOG is dedicated to all of the wonderful nurses and medical professionals out there!  

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young girl in hospital bed

Good Day Fellow Nurses!


As things heat up once again with Covid cases on the rise, so does the anxiety of many nurses.  My heart goes out to all of the nurses on the frontlines of this terrible pandemic!


Today I want to remind all of you why you are a nurse and let you know that you are appreciated for all that you do for your patients. 






"You never know what it (your presence as a nurse)  means to the person dying. I was very close to an older man I nursed, and when he was close to death, the staff called me a couple of times to come back into work and sit with him. He was close to comatose.

As I left one night, I said to him, ‘Come on you, at least squeeze my hand to say goodbye’...  nothing.

Later I was called again, so I went in, and as I sat by him, he reached out, squeezed my hand, and promptly died. Such a special moment".

quoted from Rhonda Nay RN, Emeritus Professor LTU



Take good care of yourselves, my friends.  This world really needs you right now!


Wishing you a wonderful week.