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Hi Nurse Friends,


If you are considering nursing job options outside of the typical nursing realm, the book "Scrapping the Scrubs" is for you!

As a nurse who was in and out of scrubs for the majority of my career, I love the title of this book. 

As a graduate nurse on a pediatric hospital unit, I was thrilled to don the white nursing uniform for my first nursing job.  I proudly wore my nurse's cap and white uniform each day to show off my status as a new BSN nurse.



A few years later as I began my new job as an insurance rehabilitation nurse, I was excited to ditch the uniform and buy "business clothes".  Cute dresses and pantsuits filled my closet, along with low-heeled dress shoes and matching accessories.  I felt like a fashionista!



Then back and forth over the years, I switched in and out of my nurse "uniform".  As a home health nurse, I was once again in scrubs.  As a school nurse, at first, I wore casual office clothing, and then as more medically complex students filled my schools and office necessitating tube feedings and catheterizations, I was back into scrubs. 

When I returned to school to get my master's degree as a family nurse practitioner, I proudly added the standard white lab coat and dress pants alongside the physicians in the clinic where I worked.  



Then I was back into scrubs again as I worked in various clinics and a private pediatric hospital at a large private institution where I was a float nurse. This time, I spent a lot of time in isolation gear as I was assigned to the Covid unit. 


I liked the change of jobs over the years as well as my wardrobe that went along with it.  

But my favorite nursing outfit by far is what I wear now.  Each day, I am in my PJs at my computer at home while working as a freelance nurse health writer!


Haha (not) me at work, only with a little less energy foot-in-mouth


By the way, I did not intend to make this blog about my nursing wardrobe but I hope that it gave you a chuckle and maybe brought back some memories for you too!  Anyways, give  Scrapping the Scrubs a look-see if interested!


   Scrapping the Scrubs Book link



Have an awesome day!