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Hello Fellow Nurses!

Happy Day to all of you laughing.

Today, I want to continue in our series about nurses leaving the field of nursing and add some (hopefully) constructive ideas to keep you in a great career as a nurse.


As I had indicated last week, I write a weekly article for a nursing publication.  The topics of late happen to coincide with my BLOG about less stressful work environments for nurses, so I want to share my latest piece with you. 

In this article about work from home nurse practitioner jobs, you will find loads of ideas that can apply to both an NP or RN to work from the comfort of your own home.  Personally, I find these opportunities very exciting as an alternative for those fed up with their current job or environment.

Make sure that you read to the end of the article for ideas on how to find more work-from-home opportunities!


So here is the article that may inspire you in a new career direction!  I hope that you enjoy it.


 Work from home NP Jobs

article  <<  click here


Next week will be the last week in this series, so don't forget to check in for inspiration.