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Good Morning Fellow Nurses!


Today I am excited to encourage you to TAKE HEART!  There are loads of great nursing jobs out there that are low stress and/or work-from-home.

Last week's Nurses Need Care Too Blog was a little depressing (sorry) about the devastating effect of COVID on nurses and the profession, in general, with many nurses leaving the field due to stress and burnout.

But I don't want you to believe that you have to abandon the great profession of nursing.  There are other great nursing choices out there that may surprise you!!

I always told my daughters that in nursing, if you don't like your job, CHANGE POSITIONS! 

As a nurse, there is NO reason to stay in a miserable position when there are plenty of interesting options out there for nurses.


I have a weekly arrangement with a nursing publication to write articles about all kinds of nursing topics.  

I am including one of my articles for this publication, "22 Least Stressful Nurse Practitioner Jobs for 2021" for you to get some ideas.  Most of the low stress jobs can be applied to both RNs and NPs. 

I hope that the article gives you a jumping-off point to look around for less stressful employment, if you are currently unhappy.

Next week, I will include my article, "Best Stay-At-Home Nurse Jobs," so stay tuned!  

Click Here For Least Stressful Job Article


Have a GREAT Day!