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Happy Morning Nurse Friends!


As nurses, I am sure that you all have run into folks hesitant about receiving their covid vaccine and asking your opinion.  Maybe you are hesitant also? In fact, some studies show that 50% of healthcare providers themselves have not received this vaccine, at this time.  I have heard great arguments for either side. 

As a medical provider, I listen to the science and love humankind and would love for this pandemic to just be over. I don’t know any other way to end it besides taking the vaccine (based on science at this point in time).

On the flip side, what if there is not sufficient science available yet regarding the future effect of this vaccine on humans, especially young people?  Are we just stepping off into a void of the unknown that could later rear it’s head with some ugliness that we have not predicted?  Well, YES, we are, BUT we can not just do NOTHING and let our loved ones possibly die from this disease.

For some, deciding to have the vaccine is a hard one for many reasons besides the one that I listed above.  It is a personal choice, as are all vaccines.  Medical people tend to weigh the facts.  Our emotions generally do not rule us.  Whatever you choose, you have to be happy with your decision.

Like politics (which I don't want to bring into this blog), sometimes it is best just to allow others their opinion and keep yours to yourself unless asked.  We haven't walked in the other person's shoes and do not know all of the deciding factors and their background regarding their choices.

Either way, I am grateful for all of the medical professionals who have been on the frontline during this pandemic.  Thank you!

I wish you the best and a happy, healthy week!

In sisterhood


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