Hi My Friends,


How are you doing today?  I hope that today is a good day.  It is a decent day for me, for which I am grateful.


As we have witnessed in our journey with PMR, there is not much "out there" other than the basic same old information on this condition.  Whenever I find a news article about a celebrity who has PMR, I get excited, as these finds are rare.


So today, I want to share with you the news and media articles that I have located recently.  This is not medical research, but I include it to feel an "aha" as that person is going through what I am dealing with. 




Are you a fan of the Doc Martin show?  It is one of my favorite series.  Recently, as I watched reruns, I was pleasantly surprised to see 2 episodes about PMR and GCA.  In series 7, episode 2, Doc Martin even performed a temporal biopsy on the show.

So if you are curious as to what the procedure looks like, tune in to Doc Martin #48 or click here on the link for

 -> free look-see  <-



Maybe you have seen this already, but I want to include it in case you have not.  Queen Elizabeths, cousin Princess Alexandra, has been noted to have Polymylagina Rheumatica.

story here on Princess Alexandra



Last of all, I am attaching a story from the Seattle Times that features a man with PMR who has continued to live a full life despite his condition.


Click here for the story.


Guidebook author Craig Romano hikes at Minotaur Lake in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness. He has been hiking through a diagnosis with polymyalgia rheumatica. (Courtesy of Craig Romano)


Anyways, here's to a great week.  Next week I will offer more tips on PMR to get you through your days.  Stay tuned.