Hi Fellow Warriors! 
It has been approximately I year since I started the Facebook page Polymylagia Rhuematica USA - Our Stories  ( https://www.facebook.com/OurstoriesPMR1 )
The statistics for age and gender distribution after 1 year of Polymylagia Rhuematica USA - Our Stories page are:
8.3% men
91.7% women
Age Distribution: (the doctors need to see this!!)
3% age 25-34
3% age 35-44
20% age 45-54
40% age 55-64
32% age 65>
That sums up to 26% of folks who are OUTSIDE of the criteria for diagnosis for PMR if you go by the one that is 55+!!!
We have 400 followers with 91% being from the USA. Most likely because of the title of this page with the word USA.
Your thoughts? Feel free to share stats with your Rheumatologists!
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Hoping for a pain-free day for all of you :)