I don't know about you, but for me, finding a comfortable position in bed with PMR is about impossible.  As much as I need to move, tossing and turning are difficult.  Dang, it is hard to move in bed at all!   In the beginning, I even tried sleeping on the floor. But, no matter what I did, I could not get comfortable in bed! 


I had pillows piled all around me, under my knees, a small one under my head, and an extra one close by for extra support as needed.  My shoulders were still hurting even with the support, and it was such a pain to have to keep rearranging all of those various-sized pillows.  At this point, my poor husband had been kicked out of bed for quite some time due to my discomfort and pillow piles.  I woke up each morning feeling as rumbled as my bed looked full of pillows.

On another Facebook PMR support group, I happened to see that someone recommended purchasing a full-length body pillow to help get comfortable in bed.  I severely lacked sleep at this point and was willing to fork over the money and try anything to sleep at night.

I ordered a pregnancy body pillow on Amazon for about $50.00. 

I can tell you that I LOVED it instantly!  I purchased an extra long one for a few additional dollars.  Now that I have the pillow, I honestly don't think that a few extra inches are necessary, so you can save some money by going slightly shorter in size.  But I do love it around my knees for the support.  It supports my back when I am on my side and my knees when I am on my back or side.  This pillow has made a WORLD of difference in my comfort while in bed, improving my sleep greatly!  I highly recommend it!

To be fair, I looked up body pillow reviews and found numerous pillows that look great.  It just so happens that the one that I ordered was the # 1 pick, so I guess that I was lucky to get a good one right off the bat.  Here is the article on the reviews.  Maybe you can find one that you like too.



I hope that you, too, can figure out how to get comfortable in bed.  Now we just have to get rid of the leg cramps!!  

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Have a restful night :)